My overnight bus ride from Ipoh via Kuala Lumpur to Jerantut

Malaysia - Overnight into the Jungle

The way is the goal and sometimes also the detour. I want to go from the old mining town of Ipoh to the Taman Negara, the oldest national park in Malaysia and also the oldest jungle in the world. It's not far away, but there's no direct connection to it.

Rafflesia arnoldii - The world's biggest flower

Indonesia - Flower Power

This morning at nine Roni picks me up on his motorbike. I want to see a few things around Bukittingi with him today. I have my own helmet with me and am well equipped for a motorcycle tour. Roni suggests that we don't do a cultural program today, but look at the largest flowers in the world, some varieties of which grow in the area.

Still in active service: The volcano Gunung Merapi

Indonesia - On the edge of Mount Merapi volcano

I stayed at Bamboosa Guesthouse in Bukittingi. It's actually not a guesthouse, but more of a homestay. Two bedrooms are probably for rent, one of which I have. But first I brush my teeth, take a shower and crawl into bed to catch up on some much-needed sleep that I didn't get on the bus ride last night. Deep and sound asleep, I am the muezzin, there must be half a dozen in the area, at half past midnight calling for prayer over the loudspeaker for half an hour. I've got my best earplugs in and still you can't sleep like that. They'll do it again tomorrow morning just after five and then again a good hour later. This will not change during my time in Indonesia on Sumatra. I still want to go up to Banda Aceh, Sharia applies there and the muezzin will definitely not be fewer.

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